Rent Storage Containers in Malibu, California

Rent a Porta Stor portable steel container in Malibu California. Our containers are all-steel and come in roll-off or overseas style, depending on the size. Free container delivery and removal is provided in Malibu as well as all 66 other cities in our Service Area. Do you need your storage container relocated? Contact Us to inquire further.

Affordable Container Rental

Malibu is home to the Pepperdine University along with high end homes and beautiful state parks. Our storage containers are a perfect match for landscaping or agricultural applications. Our containers are weather sealed which keeps your contents safe from the elements. Another important feature on our containers is the double lock system. This protects each containers contents from theft. We also provide container relocation within West Hollywood or to other locations in our Service Area.

Please Contact Us with questions about our container rental, delivery, and removal policies.Rent portable storage units in Malibu CA