Shipping Container Rental Tujunga

If you are looking for a shipping container rental for your commercial needs Porta-Stor is the solution for you. We provide clean, secure, water tight and weather resistant steel containers that will protect your inventory. We offer five commercial portable shipping containers in different sizes and four of the five come with a removable shelving system, free of charge if needed. Learn More About Our Containers Typical storage applications implemented by commercial businesses may include:

  • Seasonal Inventory
  • Office Furniture
  • Machinery
  • Warehouse Equipment

Our commercial portable shipping containers have been a major help to Large and Small Office buildings, Auto Part Stores, Furniture Stores, Gyms and much more. With our free delivery and removal throughout Los Angeles County we have the best prices around.  We will also transport containers between locations with our low cost “respot” fee, making us the best option for you. Call for questions about Shipping Container Rental Tujunga. 

Shipping Container Rental Tujunga


Cargo Container and Shipping Containers

ISO containers or International Standards Organization containers are steel boxes designed primarily for shipping. The modern cargo container that you see used all over the world was created by Malcom McLean in the 1950’s. These containers are built according to industry specifications pertaining to height, width, and depth - most of these shipping containers will be built in 20 or 40 foot increments.  Steel shipping containers or freight containers may also be referred to as intermodal containers to describe their ability to be transported overseas by cargo ship, or across land by trains or trucks. By using industry-wide dimensions, containers can be easily arranged and stacked.


Specialized Containers

Aside from the common air tight / water tight steel container, there are numerous varieties on the shipping container.


  • Special containers exist for refrigerated items.
  • Tank Containers for high volume liquids.
  • Non-stackable weight-relieved containers exist for land-only transportation.
  • Some 53-foot containers exist which are also taller and wider than standard 40 and 20 foot containers.  These Hi-Cube (high cubic foot) containers have not been widely migrated into the shipping industry, and models suitable for overseas transport were not available until the late 2000’s.
  • Several kinds of open top, open side, non-sealed top, or alternative covering containers for various cargo.
  • Generator Containers are used to power adjacent containers requiring electricity.
  • Insulated Containers for cargo requiring controlled temperatures.
  • Several containers designed to European-specific sizes and specifications.
  • There are many other variations of shipping containers, with each container being modified to accommodate its contents - including lumber, clothing, machines, natural resources, waste, and gas bottles.
  • • Our cargo containers come with flat roofs.
    • Common uses include construction, commercial, and residential storage.
    • Both cargo container sizes are airtight.

    Order A Portable Storage Container


    If you need more storage space Porta-Stor is the answer for you. Locally owned & operated since 1975. We provide cleansecure & economical storage containers for commercial facilities, construction sites, retail stores, and residential homes along with many other applications. Porta-Stor gives you the space you need! WE SAVE YOU MONEY! We have NO sales Tax, NO hidden fees, NO setup costs and NO fuel surcharges. Contact us today for more information, we look forward to serving your storage needs! OUR CONTAINERS ARE INVESTMENTS FOR YOUR FUTURE! Porta-Stor serves Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Whether you have a small-scale renovation project, large retail commercial business or any size construction site, we are committed to helping you create more space. We offer FREE DELIVERY and FREE REMOVAL for all of our clients. We guarantee competitive and timely quotes at an affordable monthly rental rate for our portable storage containers which have made us one of the most outstanding storage container companies in the local area of Ventura County.


     Porta-Stor containers are extremely durable and weather resistant. Each container is equipped with an enclosed locking system to protect your material from theft. Our movable pipe racks are perfect for making shelves or storing long items such as pipe or finish material. Also most of our containers can be moved from one place to another, known as a "Respot", if need be.


     Porta-Stor requires a non-refundable 2 month minimum. After the first two months we automatically bill month to month. When you are finished with the container we will prorate to the amount of days that you have the container for the last month. We have NO sales Tax, NO hidden fees, NO setup costs and NO fuel surcharges. Porta Stor also offers FREE DELIVERY & REMOVAL of all storage containers.

    Shipping Container Rental Tujunga

    Need to Rent Portable Storage Containers in Tujunga?  Call Porta-Stor and Rent a portable steel container in Tujunga California. Our containers are all-steel and come in roll-off or overseas style, depending on the size. Free container delivery and removal is provided in Tujunga as well as all 95 other cities in our Service Area. Do you need your storage container relocated? Contact Us to inquire further. If you need to rent portable storage containers in Tujunga Porta-Stor has you covered. We have been locally owned & operated since 1975. We provide cleansecure & economical storage containers. Our clients rent portable storage containers for commercial facilities, construction sites, retail stores, and residential homes in Southern California Porta-Stor gives you the space you need! WE SAVE YOU MONEY! We have NO sales Tax, NO hidden fees, NO setup costs and NO fuel surcharges. Contact us today for more information for portable storage rental in Southern California. We look forward to serving your portable storage rental needs! When looking for Portable Storage Container Rental in Tujunga, Porta-Stor has you covered.

    Portable Storage in Tujunga

    Tujunga is located in Los Angeles County. Tujunga is part of Sunland, CA, linked together by a police station, library, city council and other various civic organizations. Tujunga has various schools and residential homes. Parts of E.T. and Ben Hur were filmed in Sunland-Tujunga. Rent a container (or two) for all your storage needs. We are your best bet for storage needs, whether it be for a remodel, house cleaning, school supply storage or seasonal items. Our storage containers are weather resistant which will keep any documents or items you need stored extra safe. The containers also use a double lock system, this protects each containers contents from theft. We also provide container relocation within Tujunga or to other locations in our Service Area.

    Please Contact Us for Commercial Storage Rental in Tujunga or ask  any questions about our container rental, delivery, and removal policies.

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