Cargo Containers for Ranches and Farms

Ranches and Farms often have unique storage requirements which may include equestrian equipment, farming equipment, animal feed, and more. Our range of storage containers are suitable for most ranch, farm, and agricultural purposes.

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Typical storage applications implemented by ranches & farms may include:

  • Farm tools
  • Saddles
  • Hay
  • Feed
  • All of our containers are watertight, weather resistant, and secure to prevent theft. The type of materials you intend to store may determine which container is best suited to your needs.  We suggest you contact us so that we can help you choose the best storage container for your needs.

Not sure if our containers are suitable to store your materials?  Contact Us to discuss each container and choose the best container for your application and to inquire further about onsite storage for Industrial facilities.

With our free delivery and removal throughout Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles County we have the best prices around (compare here).  We will also transport containers between locations with our low cost “respot” fee, making us the best option for you.