• Our cargo containers come with flat roofs.
• Common uses include construction, commercial, and residential storage.
• Both cargo container sizes are airtight.

Cargo Container and Shipping Containers

ISO containers or International Standards Organization containers are steel boxes designed primarily for shipping. The modern cargo container that you see used all over the world was created by Malcom McLean in the 1950’s. These containers are built according to industry specifications pertaining to height, width, and depth - most of these shipping containers will be built in 20 or 40 foot increments.  Steel shipping containers or freight containers may also be referred to as intermodal containers to describe their ability to be transported overseas by cargo ship, or across land by trains or trucks. By using industry-wide dimensions, containers can be easily arranged and stacked.


Specialized Containers

Aside from the common air tight / water tight steel container, there are numerous varieties on the shipping container.


  • Special containers exist for refrigerated items.
  • Tank Containers for high volume liquids.
  • Non-stackable weight-relieved containers exist for land-only transportation.
  • Some 53-foot containers exist which are also taller and wider than standard 40 and 20 foot containers.  These Hi-Cube (high cubic foot) containers have not been widely migrated into the shipping industry, and models suitable for overseas transport were not available until the late 2000’s.
  • Several kinds of open top, open side, non-sealed top, or alternative covering containers for various cargo.
  • Generator Containers are used to power adjacent containers requiring electricity.
  • Insulated Containers for cargo requiring controlled temperatures.
  • Several containers designed to European-specific sizes and specifications.
  • There are many other variations of shipping containers, with each container being modified to accommodate its contents - including lumber, clothing, machines, natural resources, waste, and gas bottles.