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Cargo/Shipping Containers

20ft X 8ft X 8ft 6"
Cargo Container

20ft Cargo-01

2 Month Minimum - $180


40ft X 8ft X 8ft 6"
Cargo Container
Standard Height Single or Double Door

40ft Cargo-02

2 Month Minimum - $250


40ft X 8ft X 9ft 6"
Cargo Container
High Cube Single or Double Door


2 Month Minimum - $270


40ft X 8ft X 9ft 6"
w/ Two Sets of Cargo Doors

2 doors

2 Month Minimum - $390


Our trucks and containers are heavy equipment and can, in some situations, cause damage to driveway, street, yard, or curb along the delivery path or in the placement area. If damage does occur, Porta-Stor is not liable. Customer is responsible for the equipment while it is on rent, including theft, damage, destruction, or injury. If we are unable to deliver for any reason such as a blocked placement site or inability to reach a contact person, a dry run fee may be charged known as a "cancellation fee". Fuel charges may apply.


Delivery of Portable Storage Container
Removal of Portable Storage Container
Pipe Racks / Shelving assemblies available FREE of charge.
Relocation of Storage Container *relocation fee applies
In-House Storage (Located in Ventura) *lot rent applies
Call office for more information on fees

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