40’ X 8’ X 9.5’ Storage Container w/ Two Sets of Cargo Doors on One Side

$195.00 / month with a 2-month free trial

Our 40 foot cargo storage containers are made for many medium to large sized applications. This container has two sets of Cargo Doors on One Side, making your valuables more accessible. The most popular for this size includes construction job sites and commercial businesses. This size fits on most job sites and commercial parking lots. The container is All-Steel construction and air tight. So whether you are storing tools, wood, machinery, inventory, store banners or overstock of items, our 40 foot cargo storage container suits most medium and large project needs. Exterior Dimensions: 40’ Long X 8’ Wide X 9’6” Tall (Exactly like 40’ HC Double Door) Cargo Doors on One End; 2- 92” Wide Door ways on One Side Interior Dimensions: 39’6” X 7’ 6.25” Wide X 8’10” Tall Interior Door Spacing Dimensions: Wall – 71.5” Doors – 92.5” Center Wall – 147.75” Doors – 92.5” Wall – 70.5” *Please note we don’t deliver this size to residential addresses unless we can directly see that it will fit on your property.Contact us for more information.

$195/month – 2 Month Minimum

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