When is the Best Time to Move?

best time to move

Moving is always a hassle that disrupts daily life, but there are things to think about when scheduling your move that can make the process easier. If you have the flexibility to determine the schedule, there is a best time to move, but it will depend on your unique situation. Factors including prices, weather, and holidays will affect the convenience of different days of the week and months of the year. Take them into consideration next time you need to pack up and move.

Scheduling Around Movers

It can be easier and cheaper to use a moving company at certain times. The more popular times to move are the first of each month, weekends, and summer, so it’s best to avoid those times. Obviously this won’t always be possible, depending on factors with your family and work, but try to avoid hitting all of these popular times all at once.

The best time to move, financially, is between November and New Year’s. Most people avoid moving during this time because of the holidays, kids in school, and weather. The middle of the month is best since most leases start at the beginning or end of each month. Also, Monday through Thursday are the best days of the week, since most people schedule their move over a weekend. If you can manage to move during these times, you won’t have much competition.

Scheduling Around School

If you have kids, they can greatly affect how you schedule your move. Many people with children end up moving during the summer. This way, the kids can help with the packing and unpacking, the commotion won’t affect them in the middle of their studies and extracurriculars, and they can have some time to settle in to the new home before the school year starts. The downside is that you will be moving during the most popular time of the year, so prices might increase and it can be harder to schedule professionals when you want them.

Some families prefer to avoid moving during the summer even if their kids are in school. Depending on your children, they might find it easier to jump in and make new friends if the school year has already started. This doesn’t work for everyone though, so make sure you think carefully before moving in the middle of a semester.

Scheduling Around Weather

Depending on where you’re moving to and from, weather can be a huge factor. Weather is notoriously unpredictable, but you can usually make an educated guess on how it will act during certain times of the year for a particular location. In general, spring and fall tend to have the best weather conditions for moving. Summer and winter are usually more extreme with heat and cold. Although winter is the least expensive time to move, if you have to travel and move boxes through bad conditions, it might not be worth it. Check out online weather sources to find out what times of the year work best in your area.

Scheduling Around Holidays

Another factor to consider when scheduling your move is the holiday season. If you tend to come together with family and friends during certain holidays, you should avoid scheduling your move before those times. This might apply to anniversaries and birthdays as well as major holidays. Make sure to give yourself enough time to unpack and prepare for the next major gathering when you consider the best time to move. For the bigger holidays, consider the extra traffic and other travel congestion you’d have to deal with while moving.

One trick is to schedule a move shortly after an important holiday. This gives you a chance to get together and say goodbye to the people you’re moving away from and give your family some extra comfort before jumping into the stressful moving process. Also you will have more time after the move to settle in and build a new sense of community before the next holiday.

Unfortunately, there is no single best time to move that will work for everyone. Hopefully this guide has helped you think about the different problems that might arise from moving during different times of the year. Factors that affect your family such as school and work schedules, important holidays, and local weather will determine the best time to move for you.