Construction Storage is Our Most Popular Application

construction storage


Believe it or not construction storage on sites or in yards are where you will find most of our storage containers. Usually more than just one container is needed! As you would imagine construction sites have a lot of open space when first being built and they need a safe place to store all the tools, electrical wiring and equipment that is most frequently used onsite. The containers will stay on the site for long periods of time, usually more than a year depending on what they are building. We've delivered to construction sites ranging from apartment complexes, parking garages, storage facilities, shopping centers to your simple new home.

We rent two styles and six sizes to choose from. Our most popular containers on sites are our cargo style 20 and 40 foot. Next would be our 26 foot roll-off style container. Along with our storage containers we rent office containers which are used for drafting, paper work, emailing and more. They come with heat, A/C, plugs, lights, security doors & windows and vinyl flooring.

All of our containers are secure, water tight and protected from the elements. Our lock boxes make it very difficult for thieves to cut locks so there is a much less chance of your contents being stolen or vandalized.


Porta-Stor containers are extremely durable and weather resistant. Each container is equipped with an enclosed locking system to protect your material from theft. Our movable pipe racks are perfect for making shelves or storing long items such as pipe or finish material. Most of our containers can be moved from one place to another, known as a "Respot", if need be.


Porta-Stor requires a non-refundable 2 month minimum. After the first two months we automatically bill month to month. When you are finished with the container we will prorate to the amount of days that you have the container for the last month. We have NO sales Tax, NO hidden fees, NO setup costs and NO fuel surcharges. Porta-Stor offers FREE DELIVERY & REMOVAL of all their storage containers!