Expanding Your Business Using Shipping Containers

shipping container for your business

When you think of a business and shipping containers, you probably think the shipping container is sitting outside of the business, storing the overflow from the brick and mortar store. In most cases you are right, but there are more ways for you to think outside the box when it comes to shipping containers and your business. Below we will look at few different ways that you can utilize a shipping container for your business other than storage.

Mobile Office

If you are wanting to expand your business into a new area but are not quite ready to build an office space, you can use a shipping container. This allows you to see if the area works well for you and is a good fit before you put all your resources into this new office space. This is also smart if you are building your business and want the on site location for your office while the build is in process. This is also a great way to expand on your current location without buying into more building space than your business currently needs.

Workshop or Workspace

Shipping containers are weather resistant, flexible and have great durability. If you have a special skill that you use a workshop for, you may look into using a shipping container. You can customize these to what your hobby or skill needs and place them in a location that works best for you. Think of the possibilities for an art studio or portrait studio using a shipping container as a workshop.

Inventory Storage Space

If you are a business that needs to have quarterly inventory of your stock and supplies you know how tough it is to make sure you have everything in order as you count and sort. Using a shipping container to hold all of your inventory allows you to sort and store in a way that is best for you. Not only can you organize it to your business, it is also a secure option. Your inventory can be on location at your business allowing for easy restock and access to what you need when you need it.

Restaurant In A Box

If you are using a vending cart that you need to lug around town or you are short on space to store all of the supplies for your mobile restaurant, then a shipping container may be a good idea for you. Using a shipping container for your restaurant allows you to move it to new locations as needed. Keep it set up on a trailer and take it to a the next location. Having a shipping container restaurant allows you to open to the public during operating hours and then close up safely when it’s time to leave. They are secure and durable to theft and weather. So if you are a vendor that travels to festivals and events, then this is an ideal solution. You can open up shop when you need to and safely store at little to no cost in your off season.

No matter what you use a shipping container for, when it comes to business, there are endless possibilities if you think outside the box.