We now sell locks with our containers.


We are happy to tell you that we now sell locks with our containers. At only $18.00 the master lock  magnum is the  lock we go with and highly recommend. It is small so it will fit with ease on our containers locking system which is protected by a metal box. Don't let the small size make you think it isn't a good lock though, the boron carbide octagonal locking hook makes it very difficult to cut ensuring that thieves won't make away with your valuables.

We rent two types of containers, cargo style and roll-off style. Both have a different locking mechanism but the lock works equally well for both styles.

Our containers come with double doors on one both ends depending on the size of the container, which means you would either need one or two locks. Our friendly office staff will make sure they tell you whether the container has doors on one or both ends to take the guess work out on your end. When ordering a rental container ask us to add one (or two) locks to your order. This saves you time so you don't have to make that extra trip to the hardware store.

Why don't we recommend combination locks? Because with our containers the lock is accessed from below & inside a metal box which makes it difficult to put in your combination. With a keyed lock it makes it much easier to unlock. Contact us today for any questions and to order your container today!