Portable Storage vs. Moving Trucks

Portable Storage vs. Moving Trucks

portable storage vs moving trucks

Moving is a stressful and grueling process that everyone dreads, but by using the right kind of service, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and cost. Consider comparing portable storage vs a moving truck. Portable storage containers provide a great alternative to moving trucks when it comes to moving your furniture and other belongings. Here’s a run-down on how portable storage can help you on your next move:

Portable storage containers sit at ground level

The simplest benefit of using portable storage containers over moving trucks is that they rest at ground level while being loaded. Moving trucks always require a ramp or slow-moving lift to get items into them. You don’t have to worry about the extra hassle of having to boost up your furniture and other larger items to get them into the portable storage container.

You have a more open time frame

Moving trucks are rented for short time periods, forcing you to do your packing and heavy lifting all at once. On the other hand, portable storage containers can be rented by the month, giving you plenty of time to load it up at your leisure.

If you need to put items in storage, you won’t have to reload multiple times

Another benefit of using portable storage containers for moving is that you can send some or all of the items you load into the container directly into storage. This can come in handy if you are moving to a smaller place, have a waiting time between moving out of your old home and into your new one, or need your stuff out of the way while remodeling. You can be confident that your belongings will be safe and secure while they wait to be unpacked.

Someone else can do the driving for you

Driving a moving truck is different than any kind of car or passenger truck. It’s more difficult to turn, switch lanes, back up, and park. Even experienced drivers can find this type of driving stressful and challenging. If you have a lot of stuff to move, keep in mind that the larger the truck, the more difficult the maneuvering. If you decide on a portable storage container instead, you can have a professional driver handle the transportation by setting up a schedule for pick-up and delivery.

You know the costs up front

When you rent a moving truck, there can be many hidden costs that make you spend way more than you anticipated when looking at the price. These fees can include insurance, tolls, gas, charges for additional mileage, late fees, and the cost of towing your car if you don’t have another way to move it with the truck. When you rent a portable storage container and schedule it for delivery, you will be given an up-front price without hidden additional costs.

Next time you’re preparing to move, consider using a portable storage container instead of a moving truck. Porta-Stor has many types and sizes of container to choose from, and we provide free delivery and removal within our service areas!