Shipping Container Homes For Sale on Amazon

shipping container homes for sale

When you think of the online retailer Amazon, you probably tend to think of electronics and books. But in an ever-changing world where people are becoming more aware of the environment and the space they take up, Amazon has ventured into a new type of sales. They are now offering shipping container homes for sale! Is this retail or is this real estate?

Design of the Shipping Container Homes

These tiny pre-fab homes are offered by a company called MODS International. They come complete with a bedroom, toilet, shower, sink, kitchenette, and living area. This all fits within a total of 320 square feet. The home also comes with double French-style doors and plenty of windows throughout.

Each unit comes fully insulated, heated, and air conditioned, and is set up with sewer, water, and electrical connections.

What’s the Cost?

While recycled shipping-containers-turned-homes are growing in popularity, the ones offered by MOD through Amazon are constructed from a brand new shell. Even though the space is small, the price is relatively large (especially when compared to your other Amazon purchases!) If you compare it to regular houses, however, it’s pretty cheap.

If you set out to purchase one of these shipping container homes, get ready to see a retail price of around $36,000. Weighing in at 7,500 pounds, it will also cost you around $4,500 to ship the structure to your desired location.

Who is Buying these Shipping Container Homes?

From Earth-conscious millennials to Baby Boomers ready to downsize, these tiny homes have become a popular way to own a home from coast to coast. With the US Census showing that the median home price of $300,000 and the modern family size shrinking, it’s no wonder that these tiny homes are hitting an all-time high in popularity.

From a lower cost to less space to maintain, shipping container homes seem like the most desirable way to live for more and more people of all ages. It goes beyond a popularity movement, as more homeowners are making a choice to live a simpler and smaller way. It’s about what best fits their lives, not about the current trend.

What’s the Appeal?

Besides simpler living, there are many reasons people are looking to purchase a shipping container home. It can come down to a more affordable housing option over time, or people could place these tiny shipping container homes in an area where they go for a vacation getaway. They are less expensive than a traditional lake house.

Some are looking to purchase shipping container homes and place them right in their own backyard, in the wake of the granny pod craze. These are for when your parents need to be closer to you for when they need assistance, but still want to be on their own. What better way than having grandma living in her own tiny shipping container home right in your own backyard?

These homes also act as decent storm shelters, since they’re made of steel and built to withstand the high seas as they travel aboard ships.

Whatever the appeal for each person, some are jumping right on board and purchasing their shipping container home off of Amazon.

The next time you check out Amazon to purchase your bulk toilet paper or that new tablet you’ve been wanting, go on over and take a look at these shipping container homes from MOD International. If the $36,000 price tag does not scare you away, add that thing to your cart and give yourself the newfound luxury of a tiny shipping container home. It could be the gift that keeps on giving!

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