Shipping Container Pools

shipping container pools

The Process

Want to build a pool in your backyard? Have you ever considered building one out of a shipping container? Before you rush out and buy a used shipping container and start digging up your yard, there are five steps to complete before you can begin:

  1. Get Permission - You need permission to build a shipping container pool on your property, and not just from your spouse. You also need to speak with an official familiar with your city’s building code. You must provide them with your plans, including how large the pool will be and anything you plan to add to it later, such as a diving board, deck, or other accessories. Getting city code approval at the start of the project will allow you to go ahead with your pool-building plans confidently.
  2. Hire Professionals - It’s never a good idea to start blindly digging up your backyard, especially for a hole the size of a shipping container. Yards are filled with plumbing, cords, gas lines, and other utilities, so make sure you contact the right people to check the lines. Creating the actual shipping container pool also requires the right people to be done correctly. An engineer can help you make sure your pool goes in correctly and will withstand the weather, as well as the water pressure.
  3. Choose a Height - The height of a standard shipping container is 2.4 meters. This is likely too deep for a backyard pool that will be enjoyed by many people. Since you have your engineer hired to help you make the space work, they can also help you cut your shipping container to the correct depth before you get it installed. You can also have several tiers of depth or make an inclined floor.
  4. Make it Watertight - This step might seem obvious, but it can be tricky to make sure that your shipping container is truly watertight. And you need to make sure it’s done before you go dumping thousands of gallons of water into the pool. Most containers are built to be waterproof from the outside in, not the inside out, so you want to make sure this is done properly. To do this, you can weld a layer of watertight steel around the frame. Once this is done, you will need to rust proof the inside and the outside of the container as well.
  5. Add Plumbing - A pool requires plumbing hooked up, including a piping and drainage system. To complete the plumbing hookup process, talk to a local pool company about hooking up your shipping container pool to a separate power and water supply for pumping the water. Once you have that completed, you will be ready to dive into the pool and enjoy it!

Types of Shipping Container Pools

Once you’ve decided to install a shipping container pool, it’s time to decide how you want the pool to be set up in your space. Do you want it to have a modern look, or do you want it to be a simple aboveground pool? The options are seemingly endless when it comes to putting in a shipping container pool. Let’s look at a few ideas that might work well with your space:

Above Ground - Simply leveling a space in your backyard and building a gorgeous deck around the shipping container is one way to install a pool. Putting the pool in this way is cost effective and allows you to build a deck space for enjoying dinner al-fresco or sunbathing on a warm afternoon while your kids enjoy the pool.

Streamline Pool - If you go for the in-ground route, you must make sure you have the hole dug safely and hire someone to come help install the pool correctly. This type of pool allows for a wide variety of personal touches all around the pool and the yard. Add a hammock in a shaded area, plant some flowers that give off a fragrant smell, or add some large hanging plants that leave you feeling like you're in your own secluded spa. Create your own backyard oasis!

Covered Pool - Whether the pool sits above the ground or has been dug into it, you can easily cover your pool. If you want to build your own pool cover, you can easily do that with a tough, waterproof fabric and have it roll right over the top to keep out bugs and other debris that may fall in there. If you want your pool to be shaded, you can build a pergola or other type of canopy over the top of the pool, giving it a more secluded, shady feel.

Once you’ve decided to reuse a shipping container and create your own swimming pool, you can turn your backyard into the oasis of your dreams. A simple aboveground pool and a secluded and streamlined in-ground pool are both great options, and these containers can be transformed into a home swimming pool with minimal alterations. Sometimes it’s even cheaper to reuse one of these containers for this purpose than it would be to dig and pour a traditional backyard pool. If you’re considering installing a pool for your backyard, start looking for a used shipping container today, and you could find yourself swimming in your very own backyard pool in no time!