Shipping Container Schools

shipping container schools

Resourceful and inventive architects have figured out how to use shipping containers as a building material for pretty much any kind of building. Yet another way they use them is for making shipping container schools.

About Shipping Container Buildings

Shipping containers are made of sturdy materials that can withstand a lot of pressure from the environment. A building made from them can be modified to easily withstand high winds, extreme temperatures, and moisture.

Buildings made from shipping containers are also very convenient. The pieces can be easily sent anywhere in the world. They are also cheap to transport, modify, and set up. The buildings can also be made from recycled shipping containers that would otherwise be left to rot.

Since shipping containers have been used to make all sorts of other buildings, it makes sense that they could also easily be made into schools. Here are 4 shipping container schools that have been set up around the world:

Waldorf School of Orange County

Costa Mesa, California

Waldorf School of Orange County was the first school in the U.S. to turn shipping containers into classrooms. Wanting to use sustainable, eco-friendly materials, they used 32 shipping containers to make 4 new buildings on campus. The buildings included more classrooms, a science lab, and other versatile rooms.

Fawood Children’s Center

London, England

The Fawood Children’s Center uses shipping containers in a unique way. They have set up 3 stories of interconnected classrooms and exhibits. The center is bright and creative. It caters to a variety of students, including 3-5 year olds, autistic and special needs children, and it even offers adult learning opportunities.

Shooters Hill College

London, England

The developers for Shooters Hill College appreciated the easy scalability of shipping container buildings when designing an expansion. It was set up in only 2 days! The expansion added 7,200 square feet of space to be used for classrooms and workshops.

Vissershok Primary School

Cape Town, South Africa

Vissershok is a bright, colorful school made of a single shipping container in a struggling rural area just outside Cape Town. Three companies worked together to build this school, using shipping containers as a cheap, durable, and easy building material. The school includes classrooms, gardens, and a play area.

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