How to Make the Most of a Small Living Space

small living space

Anyone who has lived in a small living space knows the struggle to find enough room for everything. Whether you’re moving into a college dorm or having to share a tiny apartment or house, there are several ways you can make the most of the space you have. Below are some easy tips to help you move in to a small living space. Keep in mind that some dorms or rental spaces don’t appreciate alterations to the walls or doors. Make sure you have permission to do so before making changes.

Use the Closet

When you don’t have much storage space to spare, you might need to use your closet for more than just hanging clothes. There are many ways to do this, and what you do depends on what you need to store. Consider getting dividers to help separate and organize your stuff. Get a small chest of drawers for the ground. Install shelves above or below the clothing bar for easy extra space. Add hooks to the doors or walls. If you are lacking closet space for your clothing but have space outside of it, get a standing rack.

Use a Dresser

A dresser can add a lot of storage space to a room. Before you try to move one into your home, make sure to measure the space and get one that will fit. If you learn to fold your clothes well, you can fit a lot of it into even a small set of drawers. Dressers don’t have to store only clothing; you can use them to keep all kinds of clutter out of the way.

Use the Space Around the Bed

When you were young, you were probably told not to cram your stuff under the bed while cleaning your room. Now that you’re an adult, however, the space under the bed can be a great place for storage. Get flat storage bins to protect the things you put under there, and it's usually fine to use the space. Also consider utilizing the space above your bed by installing racks, hooks, or shelving. If you have space for a bedside table, get one with roomy drawers or shelves for added storage space.

Use the Space Around the Desk

Especially for a dorm room, the desk is an important part of your living area. You don’t want the top of the desk to be too cluttered, but you can also find ways to use it for storage. Get a desk with lots of drawers or shelving underneath and above the writing space. There are many kinds of organizers available for the top of desks that add more storage. Install shelves on the wall behind the desk. You can also use the desk chair to hold a few jackets if you’re lacking closet space.

Use a Storage Unit

If you’re moving out on your own for the first time into a dorm room or otherwise find yourself needing to cram into a small space, keep portable storage in mind. You can rent a storage unit from Porta-Stor to help with either short-term or long-term storage needs. Keep seasonal or seldom-used clothing out of your closet. Move your collections of books, movies, and other items that take up a lot of space out of the way. Store the furniture that won’t fit in your current space but will be perfect for your next home. All of your stored belongings will be secure and safe from the environment. They will also stay easily accessible to you, so you can add and remove belongings whenever necessary.

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