Storage Ideas: How to Make the Most of Your Space

storage ideas

You have all of this stuff in your home. It’s everywhere, and it’s everything from jewelry to extra power cords. How do you organize it all, and what is the best way to store it? Here are some great, easy storage ideas to help you get all of your stuff stored and organized so you can get the most out of your space.

Shower Hooks and Shower Curtain Rods

There are several ways that you can use these simple and inexpensive items for storage. If space allows for it, you can hang shower hooks in your closet on the clothing rod and hang your purses and belts from them. This is a great way to get rid of all of those accessories lying around on your closet floor.

You can also take an extra shower curtain rod and hang it along the inside of your shower. This allows you to hang more hooks to store things like luffas and a bucket of bath toys. This will keep these things off the back of your tub and give them a place to hang up and dry. You can also hang a plastic fruit basket to hold all of your soaps and shampoos. These ideas will keep your tub and shower clean and clear of things just sitting and collecting mildew and water.


You can use doors for storage? Yep! You can use the back of just about any door in your home to create more storage. The inside of a closet door is great for housing hats, scarves, and even long necklaces. You can make your own door storage with hooks or get an attachment that is made specifically for this purpose.

The inside of a pantry door is great for storing canned goods, herbs and seasonings, or those mountains of water bottles that your family seems to collect. Just stick up some metal shelves or use an over-the-door shoe rack.

The inside of a linen closet or coat closet is a great place to store cleaning supplies or extra toiletries. Again, an over-the-door shoe rack works wonders here!

Storage Cubes

Just adding a couple of storage cubes to the corner of a room can give you some much needed space to store clutter. These canvas cubes will hold items you may want out of sight, like extra charging cords or that stack of old magazines. These can be great in a kitchen to hold your cookbooks and bigger items you don’t want taking up cupboard space.

You can also use these storage cubes and boxes in a child's room. These are great to sort and organize all those toys that come with small pieces. They really help keep the clutter to a minimum. They have the added benefit of being easy for children to use and helping them know where their toys go and where they can find them.

In keeping with a child's room, another quick storage idea is to use a dish drying rack to hold crayons and coloring books. This keeps them in reach for your child while having a place of their own. Your child can always see what they have available for coloring fun!

Storage cubes and the baskets that go in them have many other possible uses. Try using different colored bins for each family member to organize backpacks, purses, and other on-the-go necessities. This keeps the clutter off that coat closet floor and away from the entryway. Each family member can have a different color to make it easy to organize. Metal cubes are available as well that are more durable for all the bags and shoes getting tossed into them.


This seems to be an obvious a storage idea, right? They’ve been used all over the world for thousands of years! Well, baskets can be super useful today in a lot of ways all over the house. They are great for holding items that you want to be able to get to easily but do not always want to be seen. A basket by your couch is great for holding blankets. A basket in your bathroom is a great storage idea for your extra toilet paper. Baskets can also be hung on the wall by the door to hold keys and mail. There are countless ways to use any size basket, and the storage ideas for baskets are endless!

Desk Organizers

These little trays are no longer just for your office. A desk organizer is a great way to store jewelry like bracelets and earrings. You can also place one in that pesky kitchen junk drawer and have a way to organize all those batteries and extra rubber bands that make their way there.

You can also use a desk organizer for your craft items, like stamps and ribbons. Another storage idea for craft items is using a paper towel holder for those extra spools of ribbon.


No matter what your family's hobbies, there is sure to be stuff for them lying around in your garage or coat closet somewhere. Why not hang a pegboard in your garage? Get some hooks and shelves for the board and you have quick vertical storage for all your active gear that is easy to get to and makes more room for your car to get into the garage. These are especially great because they are so versatile and can be changed around whenever you want.

While there are so many more ways to use everyday household items to get your home and family organized, these are just a few storage ideas to get you on your way. Start small with one area at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. The more areas you get organized, the easier and faster the rest of your home maintenance will become. And keep in mind that renting a portable storage unit is a great way to get extra clutter out of your house, for those items that you want to keep around but don't need on-hand all the time. Happy Organizing!

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