How Businesses Use Portable Storage

business portable storage

Businesses use portable storage units for many reasons. Start-ups often need more space while they set up a permanent location and expand. Some industries have variable or mobile work environments. Whether your business needs a permanent storage solution or a quick fix during a time of flux, portable storage can help. Porta-Stor can work with your schedule and budget to create an affordable, flexible, secure setup for your business. Here are some ways that businesses often use portable storage:

Supply Storage

All offices require a lot of stuff (pens, paper, toner, etc.), and it tends to take up a lot of space. If your office doesn’t have enough storage space on-site for your bulk supplies, consider getting a portable storage container for the job. Free up that space for other uses. This is especially useful for jobs that move around. Take your supply closet with you when the office relocates!

Inventory Storage

Depending on the business, inventory storage takes up a lot of space. However, in modern times, it’s often best to have inventory stock nearby when a customer asks for it. Portable storage allows your business to store its inventory in a secure location and scale the amount of space up or down when needed for the current demand.

Specialized Equipment Storage

Some jobs require a lot of various equipment that changes with the current requirements. A storage container can help reduce the clutter from equipment that’s not currently in use but needs to be readily available. For example, a construction company might want the equipment for different types of jobs in different storage containers, ready to be transported on-location whenever that kind of job arises. This also cuts down on the cost to transport the equipment, since portable storage can be delivered where it needs to go as-is.

Data and Record Storage

Portable storage containers are also great places to store physical copies of your business’s records and data. Some records need to be kept for future use or for legal reasons. Although hard copies and back-ups are sometimes necessary, they take up a lot of space. Keep this vital information safe and secure in a storage container, and clear your office of old files that don’t need to be on-hand.


Portable storage containers are ideal for most office moves. Make your next move less of a hassle by having a shipping container sent directly to your old location for packing. Then it can be placed in temporary storage or moved directly to your new location, depending on what your business needs. Work within your own schedule. For more tips on office moves, check out Porta-Stor’s other guide here.

If you’re struggling to find space in your office, considering a move, or need a more flexible storage option, consider portable storage containers for your business needs.