5 Things that Need Climate Controlled Storage

climate controlled storage

With warmer weather fast approaching, you may be starting your spring cleaning to get your home and outdoor equipment organized for the summer. As you do your spring cleaning and organizing, there are sure to be some things that you want to put into storage for later use to open up some more usable space in your home.

A portable storage container is a great option for homeowners who have belongings that are taking up too much space. As you’re researching which storage container to use to do just that, you should consider whether or not you need climate controlled storage. Without good climate control, these items can be damaged in your attic, garage, or storage shed. Below, Porta-Stor will go over a few items that may be damaged by storing them in extreme heat and humidity during those summer months after your spring cleaning.


Whether it an extra TV, computers, recording gear, or another type of electronic, these items are bulky and hog space as well as create a constant spot for dusting. Plus all of those cords lying around are an eyesore! These are items, however, that you might want to avoid putting into a storage space without climate control over the high temperature months. Electronics are prone to damage when they are stored somewhere where the humidity and heat levels are high. If a non-climate-controlled storage container is sealed up with uncirculated air and extreme heat, it’s a good idea to not store your electronics there during the summer.


Humidity is not good for photographs, and the summer months are full of humid air. If you store your photographs in a hot storage area over the summer months, they may stick together and deteriorate. To help keep these memories safe for years to come, make sure they are in a cool, dry area. If you can’t help it, look for acid-free, water-repelling photograph holders.

Books and Paper

If you’re cleaning out important old paperwork and books as you spring clean and you just want to store them elsewhere, it’s best to not store them in an attic or storage container that’s not climate controlled. If these items get stored in a humid container over the summer months, they may start to turn yellow, curl up, and become difficult to read.


Leather, moisture, and heat do not mix. It’s best to not store leather clothes or furniture in a storage container that will have drastic temperature changes over the summer months. If these items are exposed to too much moisture, they can mildew and become discolored. If there is too much heat, they can crack. Use a climate controlled storage container to avoid these problems!

Wood and Wooden Furniture

It’s very common for people to look into storage containers for those extra pieces of furniture not being used at the moment. More often than not, that includes furniture made of wood. This may include bed frames, tables, and chairs. When wood is exposed to hot, humid air and moisture, over time it will begin to crack, warp, and even rot. If you need to store wooden objects in a non-climate-controlled storage container, make sure they are properly treated to withstand the extremes.

There are many other things that should not be stored in a hot, humid storage area over the summer months, but these are the most common items that people tend to store when they want more space in their home. If you do need to store these items over the summer months, it may be a good option for you to look into a climate controlled storage container to make sure they stay in good shape while they are being stored.

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