Event Planning Storage Solutions

event planning storage solutions

Whether you’re an event planner, you constantly get roped into hosting events for work or family gatherings, or you just like to help set up events for people as a fun past time, you’ve probably run up against storage problems. No matter how serious of a party planner you are, there are sure to be party supplies sitting all over the place. You need an event planning storage solution for all those tablecloths, centerpieces, and extra chairs! Let’s go over just how to store those party supplies so that you can be the most organized party planner around and have everything on-hand and ready to go when needed.

Store Your Extra Seating

From informal backyard parties to wedding receptions, if you are planning an event, you are sure to have extra seating you need to store. Whether it’s folding chairs or lounge chairs, there’s no way that your basement or garage has enough space for you to keep these extra seats. You also do not want to leave them outside to get damaged by the elements.

A great solution is to rent a portable storage container, where you can nicely stack all of these chairs and seat cushions. That way they will be out of the weather, out of the way, and remain clean, dry, and ready to use.

Tables, Tables, and More Tables

No matter the event you are planning, there is no doubt that you will need tables, and probably a lot of them. While you could just rent your tables for each event, over time it is sure to save you money to just have your own tables ready to use. You will always know the quality of what you are setting up and ensure that they are where you need them on-time. If you are renting tables for the many events you plan, it is probably because you have nowhere to store them!

If you decide to rent a storage container, you can easily store all of your tables in there. You will be sure that they are safe and secure. On top of that, you can also have the company move the portable storage unit to you next event's location. That way you do not need to worry about how you will get the tables there or how you will get them back. As a bonus, the other reusable party supplies like chairs and centerpieces could be stored long-term in the container too.

Party Supplies

It probably goes without saying that with event planning comes lots of party supplies. There are only so many shelves and corners in your garage to hold all the serving platters, candles, and themed decorations!

Using a portable storage container to hold all of these supplies helps you ensure that everything is stored neatly and is easily accessible when you need it. Stacking the totes of supplies in an organized way can make it easier and less stressful as you look through them for your next event and helps you make sure they will not be damaged.

Pool Party Supplies

A pool party is a very specific type of event, but it is one that comes with a lot of large items that take up the most space in your home and can be the worst to store. Pool noodles, inflatables, and even deflated bounce houses are sure to be constantly in the way in your garage.

Using a storage container to house all of these big and bulky items will make it much easier to keep them clean, dry, and secure during the offseason when you are not using them. By keeping these types of items in a storage container, you will save yourself time from scrubbing them down, there will be less checking for holes or damage done from the weather, and (most importantly) they will be out of your way. Keep in mind that these items should be completely dry when you place them into storage to avoid issues with mold or mildew.

Sporting Events

If you are in charge of planning field days or track meets for school (or for friends and family), there are sure to be many things that need to be stored and kept safe until their next use. Placing a portable storage unit at the school or somewhere close gives you the space you need to keep those items secure and organized.

No matter what your needs are for the storage of your supplies, it is a safe bet that a storage container will help you greatly. Being able to store your tables, chairs, and other party supplies with ease will take the stress off of figuring out where to keep it all and allow you to focus on planning the best event possible!

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