Law Enforcement Storage Solutions

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When it comes to police stations and other law enforcement buildings, there’s so much stuff that needs to be stored. There are also so many factors involved with how these items need to be organized. From paperwork, uniforms, and other police equipment to the belongings taken from people who have been arrested, the required storage space adds up fast. You might have heard about overcrowded jails, but there’s also a huge problem with overcrowded law enforcement storage rooms. Below, Porta-Stor will take a look at some of the ways local law enforcement agencies can use portable storage containers to help increase storage space for a variety of items, whether it’s a temporary or long-term storage solution.

Evidence Storage

If you work in law enforcement, you know how important it is to properly organize, store, and take proper care of evidence. When the station gets busy, does the evidence room start overflowing? A portable storage container stored on-site allows for more space for collected evidence. Not only will the storage container provide much-needed space, but it will also help keep it organized and secure until the evidence is needed. Porta-Stor containers are fitted with hidden locks and can come with shelving installed. This extra space will help your police department know where the evidence is at all times and keep it protected, organized, and accessible until it’s able to be returned or discarded.

Long-Term Shelving

As an extension of the evidence problem mentioned above, oftentimes once evidence has been used in a case and is no longer needed, it still has to be stored for a certain period of time. This takes up a lot of space that could be used for evidence in new cases. Using an on-site storage container lets you inventory old evidence, keep it secure and organized, and have easy access to it should a case be reopened. Using on-site storage for older evidence allows for the more current evidence to be housed within the police department, where it’s even easier to access. Think of your storage container as a portable archive of evidence for your police department!

Based on the type of evidence you need to store, there are several options available. If you have evidence that needs to be kept at a certain temperature, there are refrigerated and climate controlled storage containers. A police department can use a system of different types of portable storage containers to fulfill all the requirements for the department’s various storage needs.

Another benefit of using a shipping container for storage is its mobility. Do you have a whole container full of evidence for a case that needs to be sent elsewhere? It’s already packed up and ready to go! You can also send the container into long-term storage off-site when the items need to be kept secure but don’t need to be kept around.

Document Storage

Although a lot of information is kept digitally, there's often still a need for paper documentation. As with evidence storage, there is often a certain length of time that paper documents need to be kept. Paper and boxes take up a lot of valuable space, and it’s difficult to properly organize mounds of paperwork if it has to be crammed into a small storage space. Use a portable storage container to keep law enforcement documents secure, easily inventoried, and easily accessible when needed.

Equipment Storage

Arms, ammunition, and other law enforcement gear take up a lot of space. Using a portable storage solution for these items will save you time, space, and headache. A portable storage container allows for law enforcement equipment to be organized, inventoried, and kept secure while not in use. Same goes for ammunition, though this usually needs to be kept in a climate controlled container. Having your gear stored securely on-site makes it easier for officers to check out what they need while providing much-needed space within the main building.

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Personal Storage Lockers

Don’t have enough space to provide adequate personal storage for officers and other personnel? Having a secure space to place personal belongings and unused gear without cutting into the workspace will boost morale. An office portable storage container modified to hold storage lockers is a great solution to this problem! This will help keep personal items organized, safe, and ready for the next shift change.

There are many items that a police department needs to inventory and keep secure, from evidence to police equipment to paperwork. A portable shipping container can help with a wide variety of storage requirements that a law enforcement agency might need.

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