$275.00 / month with a 2-month free trial

Our 26 foot roll-off style double office container is a great alternative for contractors on their job sites, for businesses that need a temporary office or if you don’t want to use that other bedroom in your home as an office. This portable office makes for an affordable option that demands less space than your typical large office trailer. There is no set up costs that is typical to other portable trailer set-ups and it can be quickly relocated on a site if needed either by our service or by an on-site forklift.

$275/month – 2 Month Minimum

    This is a preferred delivery date - this is not a guarantee. We will call to confirm actual delivery date.

    This is a preferred delivery time - this is not a guarantee. We will call to confirm actual delivery time.


    **We require Content Insurance with a minimum coverage of $2000.00 when stored in house with us and when the container is requested to move off-site/Relocated. See insurance coverage guidelines and for more information**

    Our trucks and containers are heavy equipment and can, in some situations, cause damage to driveway, street, yard, or curb along the delivery path or in the placement area. If damage does occur, Porta-Stor is not liable. Customer is responsible for the equipment while it is on rent, including theft, damage, destruction, or injury. If we are unable to deliver for any reason such as a blocked placement site or inability to reach a contact person, a dry run fee may be charged known as a "cancellation fee".

    Fuel charges may apply

    Our office will follow up and confirm delivery address and if fuel surcharges will apply to your delivery location