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make moving fun

Make Moving Fun for the Whole Family

You might be skeptical that moving a family can be an enjoyable experience. Moving is a busy time for everyone, so having more people in the family to worry about just adds to the stress. This is especially true if you have small children running around. However, there are ways to make moving fun for…

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shipping container home

Building a Shipping Container Home

You may have seen previous posts about building a shipping container home. Setting up such a structure is relatively quick, cheap, and is sure to turn some heads in the neighborhood. If you’re considering building a shipping container home, or just interested in what’s involved, check out this guide to building one. There are a few more…

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portable storage containers on farms

Low-Interest Loans for Portable Containers on Farms

Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) made an announcement that will benefit small- to mid-scale farms around the nation. Among other uses, the Farm Storage Facility Loan (FSFL) Program will help finance extra shipping and storage with portable storage containers on farms. Although the program already provided storage options, the addition…

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help your community

Help Your Community Using Portable Storage

From donating food, clothes, and other necessities for daily life to providing temporary relief during a disaster, community service centers provide crucial help to people in need. People often think about how they can help by donating supplies or providing volunteer work. However, sometimes the problem is lack of storage space. If your local community services…

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broken items

Dealing with Broken Items During a Move

There are plenty of steps you can take to protect your fragile belongings during a move, but no matter how careful you are, sometimes things get broken anyway. Lifting, moving, and stacking boxes, traveling, unpacking…there are plenty of times for dishes, glasses, lamps, vases, or other breakables to break. Here are several tips to help…

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best time to move

When is the Best Time to Move?

Moving is always a hassle that disrupts daily life, but there are things to think about when scheduling your move that can make the process easier. If you have the flexibility to determine the schedule, there is a best time to move, but it will depend on your unique situation. Factors including prices, weather, and…

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portable storage myths

5 Portable Storage Myths Debunked

If you’re looking into portable containers as an option for storage, you’ve probably seen troubling questions and concerns online. False information spreads quickly on the Internet, and it can seem impossible to identify the truth from the fiction. This blog will go over several myths about portable storage that are commonly brought up. Myth: There…

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How to Plan an Office Move

Moving your business is a huge challenge that can be stressful to the employees and clients and disrupting to productivity. If you are a business owner and need to relocate your office, you need to organize every step of the process to ensure a quick and smooth moving process. Let Porta-Stor’s guide help you get…

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how much storage space

Determining How Much Storage Space You Need

Whether you’re moving one room’s worth of stuff or a whole house-full, you need to have an idea of what size moving or storage container you need to fit all of your things. If you get too large of a container, you’re wasting money on unused space, and too small of a container will leave…

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