Rent Portable Storage Containers in Ventura, Santa Barbara & Los Angeles Counties

How to Pack your storage Container

How to Pack Your Storage Container Correctly in 5 Easy Steps

Mar 20, 2015

      How to Pack Your Storage Container When preparing to put some of your belongings into storage for any amount of time, there are several things to take into consideration. Different types of items need to be packed differently, depending on factors such as fragility, size, and weight. Above is a convenient infographic…

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ordering a storage container

What You Should Know Before Renting a Porta-Stor Container

Mar 10, 2015

There are a few things you should take into consideration before ordering a storage container: it usually takes a little more than just picking up the phone. At Porta-Stor, we want to make sure that you are prepared. Here are a few of the most common things to look for to make the process of…

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We now sell locks with our containers.

Feb 26, 2015

We are happy to tell you that we now sell locks with our containers. At only $12.00 the master lock  magnum is the  lock we go with and highly recommend. It is small so it will fit with ease on our containers locking system which is protected by a metal box. Don’t let the small size…

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school storage

Containers for Out of Session School Storage

Jan 19, 2015

WHY CHOOSE PORTA-STOR FOR YOUR SCHOOL STORAGE NEEDS? Our portable storage containers are used a lot at schools across the tri-county area. You will see them often at elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities. These schools will use them to store documents, furniture, schools supplies, cleaning supplies and tools among other items. We…

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movie set storage

Porta-Stor on “Sons of Anarchy” production set

Jan 15, 2015

WHY CHOOSE PORTA-STOR FOR YOUR MOVIE SET STORAGE NEEDS? One of our containers was sighted at an on set location during an episode of the top-rated FX network’s series “Sons of Anarchy”. With most of our employees being fans of the show you can understand our excitement when we were watching it and saw our storage container…

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office containers

Office Containers for Festivals and Events

Jan 5, 2015

WHY CHOOSE PORTA-STOR FOR YOUR OFFICE CONTAINER NEEDS?  Each year Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles counties host festivals, concerts, carnivals, fairs, and events. Our office containers are often used as staff offices, general storage and shelter. We have three sizes to choose from, 20 foot single office, 26 foot double office and 26 foot half office…

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residential storage

Porta-Stor Containers on Residential Properties

Jan 2, 2015

WHY CHOOSE PORTA-STOR FOR YOUR RESIDENTIAL STORAGE NEEDS? Have you ever felt a bit cluttered? Have too much stuff building up in your garage or home but you don’t know where to start organizing? We all have at one time or another. Having some extra space that is protected from the elements is a great place to…

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construction storage

Construction Storage is Our Most Popular Application

Dec 20, 2014

WHY CHOOSE PORTA-STOR FOR YOUR CONSTRUCTION STORAGE NEEDS?  Believe it or not construction storage on sites or in yards are where you will find most of our storage containers. Usually more than just one container is needed! As you would imagine construction sites have a lot of open space when first being built and they…

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medical storage

Secure Storage for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Dec 16, 2014

WHY CHOOSE PORTA-STOR FOR YOUR MEDICAL STORAGE NEEDS? Hospitals and clinics come in all sizes, from small to quite large and most usually need extra medical storage space to hold all their documents, sensitive equipment, and supplies. We offer six sizes and two styles of containers that would be perfect for hospital storage. In addition to…

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