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unpacking process

Organize the Unpacking Process

Organize Your Unpacking Process People tend to focus on everything leading up to a move: securing a new place to live, changing the mailing address, figuring out new utility companies, etc. If you don’t organize for what happens right after a move, you’ll be left with an overwhelming pile of boxes to deal with and…

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pack dishes

How to Safely Pack Dishes and Other Breakables

Whether you’re preparing to put some items into storage or packing up everything for a move, the thought of broken dishes, glassware, and other fragile items is nerve-racking. However, with a few simple tips and methods, you can wrap up your fragile items like a pro and not have to stress over the possibility of…

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difficult time moving

Making Moving Easier During a Difficult Time

Moving is a stressful and difficult process even if nothing else is happening at the time. However, moves often coincide with unpleasant life-changing events such as divorce, economic hardship, or death, and the combination can put anyone over the edge emotionally. If you are being forced to move during a difficult time, here are some…

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seasonal storage

Tips for Seasonal Storage

Seasonal Storage Tips With spring right around the corner, you should consider your options for a seasonal storage plan. From outdoor furniture to seasonal clothing and other items, every home has plenty of stuff that sits unused and gets in the way during certain months. If you take inventory of which items you don’t use…

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storage container maintenance

Bring Your Storage Container in for Maintenance!

A Quick Guide to Storage Container Maintenance At Porta-Stor, we are proud of our durable and easy-to-maintain storage containers, but if you are renting a container for extended periods of time, you need to make sure it stays in good shape. If you notice that the door isn’t closing right or some rust is starting…

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shipping container hotels

Snoozebox Portable Shipping Container Hotels

Portable Shipping Container Hotels The variety of uses that people have found for shipping containers is astonishing. The fact that they are sturdy, stackable, and easily transportable makes them ideal as both storage space and building material. Snoozebox, a British company, has developed a system to set up modular hotel buildings from shipping containers. They…

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portable storage vs moving trucks

Portable Storage vs. Moving Trucks

Portable Storage vs. Moving Trucks Moving is a stressful and grueling process that everyone dreads, but by using the right kind of service, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and cost. Consider comparing portable storage vs a moving truck. Portable storage containers provide a great alternative to moving trucks when it comes to…

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farm from a box

Farm from a Box: Shipping Containers for Farming

Farm From A Box The first attempted Farm from a Box was recently sent to Shone Farm in Sonoma County, California. Dubbed “Adam,” the modified shipping container holds a fully functioning farm, including pumps, irrigation systems, solar panels, weather tracking devices, and batteries. This concept was developed by Brandi DeCarli and Scott Thompson in an…

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history of shipping

History of Shipping Containers and Portable Storage

Porta-Stor has been providing portable storage rental services since 1975, but did you know that the history of shipping containers and portable storage goes all the way back to the 1700s? Several methods of bulk transport were used and improved upon over the centuries until modern containerization revolutionized the efficiency of transporting goods. The Beginnings…

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