Rent Portable Storage Containers in Ventura, Santa Barbara & Los Angeles Counties

container placement

What to Consider about Portable Storage Container Placement On Your Property

If you know you’ll need a portable storage container for a task, whether it’s shipping, moving, or long-term storage, there are some factors you need to consider before you make the call for delivery. Where exactly can the shipping container fit? Is the ground nearby relatively flat and firm? How close can it get to…

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extra storage space

Need Extra Storage Space Between Leases?

When you start the process of moving from one apartment or home to another, there’s a lot to think about and a lot to do. What if your old lease ends before your new one begins? There will be time in between when you need to figure out where to keep your belongings and know…

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moving with kids

Tips for Moving with Kids who are Still in School

Anyone who has moved or is in the process of moving knows about all of the stress that comes with it. Going through all your belongings and packing them up, getting your address changed to the new place, and making sure everything’s ready for the new family moving in after you are just a few…

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blockchain technology

How Blockchain Technology Could Speed Up the Shipping Industry

With many other industries evolving their tech for everything from engineering to payment options, much of the shipping industry is still using older methods and paper billing systems. Over the course of the last couple of years, there has been an uptick in cryptocurrency, a form of blockchain technology, and this is something that the…

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corrugated metal

Why We Use Corrugated Metal to Build Shipping Containers

Corrugated metal is used for many purposes due to its durability. From siding and roofing to agricultural and commercial buildings, it’s used when protection from the elements is important. This type of metal holds up well to any type of beating from weather or physical strikes that may come its way. That’s why you see…

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shipping container homes

Are Shipping Container Homes Just a Fad?

With eco-friendliness becoming more common with every passing year, the market for repurposing shipping containers into sustainable homes is picking up pace. While these homes are on the less expensive side and helpful in reducing the overflow of used up, abandoned shipping containers, one has to wonder just how long their popularity will last. Are…

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spring cleaning tips

Spring Cleaning Tips – Will You Need Extra Storage Space This Year?

What is it about the spring months that makes people feel like we to clean and purge our houses top to bottom? Part of the reason is that in many locations, there’s a rotation of seasonal items from storage to more accessible spots. From clothing and linens to seasonal tools and sports equipment, you may…

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portable office

How to Create a Professional Portable Office at Any Job Site

When you pass by any type of construction site, you’ll see mounds of dirt, gravel, and loads of work trucks sitting at every angle while the earth gets dug up and thrown around. Even the dirtiest of job sites will be clean and beautiful when everything is complete, but until that happens, messy work still…

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store on-site

Store On-Site with Porta-Stor

Many situations require extra storage space. Preparing for large gatherings and events, moving from one location to another, and making more room in your basement, attic, and garage are just a few examples. In these situations, you may have considered using a storage container but weren’t sure where you would actually be able to store the container itself. Luckily for…

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